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Why Sponsor an

Equine Event?

Each year, companies discover how powerful the association with show jumping events can be.  Now is the best time for your company or organization to make an everlasting impression on these equestrian households. The Duncraven Horse Show in August will be attended by at least 400 exhibitors who will arrive with their trainers, grooms, and family members for an exciting three days of competition. Sponsorship packages can be tailored to meet your company or organization's needs. 

Show jumping offers a market with the highest demographics profile represented by any sport.  Through sponsorship of equestrian events at Duncraven Inc., forward thinking companies can target an audience of high income consumers for a reasonable cost per impression.

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the national governing body for the horse sport in the United States, conducted a survey of its 85,000 members and produced these statistics.

The average household income of members was $185,000, which is over three times that of all households in the United States.  Almost all of the members own their own home, and the average home value is $594,000, with 22% of members owning two or more homes.  All participants at the Duncraven “A” Rated Show on August 27-29, 2010 are members of the USEF, and receive information about all Duncraven events.

Participant Statistics

Equestrian competitors and fans constitute an ideal market for high quality products and services. As a group they are well educated, have ample disposable income and the time to use it in pursuit of their passions. Other factors, including age and profession, make them a perfect target audience for corporations seeking an upscale market. Research compiled from USEF offers these indicators of the buying power and influence held by horse sport enthusiasts:

  • 85% are women

  • 63% are married

  • A majority are between 34-54 years of age

  • 66% have a college degree or better

  • 56% are employed full-time

  • 80% make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work

  • 38% have a net worth over $500,000

  • Nearly half have an annual income greater than $100,000

  • 40% live on a farm; 66% of those are ten acres or more

  • 63% have traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds in the last year

  • The market value of the average home is $594,000. 22% own two or more homes.

  • On average, they spend 30 nights per year in a hotel and rent a vehicle four times per year.

  • They own three vehicles; 53% own a pick-up truck

  • 94% own a pet besides a horse or pony. Average number of cats owned is two and average number of dogs owned is two.

  • Equestrian enthusiasts are highly active and mobile. Forty-three percent take more than 16 airline trips a year. Over half have purchased a new automobile within the last year and 97.3% hold more than one credit card account. *

* Source: USEF




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